Creating Intuitive Goals

The Creative Journey: Intuition

Creating Intuitive Goals


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Henry David Thoreau

As a creative artist my mantra is: Play. Explore. Discover. I love to spend hours looking at and handling my art materials by sorting them, making piles, grouping things together and imagining combinations of color and texture. I love to daydream and play with possibilities. I love to wonder about the “What If’s.” I consider myself very intuitive. I also love to use goal setting as a powerful tool for guiding my daily choices. How about you? Do you work intuitively? Do you set goals?

In the past, I have determinedly set goals to create artwork for some future exhibit and then after the initial burst of enthusiasm I’ve gotten distracted, or lost my momentum to follow through on all of the steps needed to make that happen. I even used the popular SMART acronym which reminds us to set goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented. SMART goals are intended to help us define the specific details of what we want to accomplish, what that will look like, and in what time frame we will be working.

Over the years I found that setting SMART goals was a good start but seemed to be leaving out our most powerful creative assets. What about our heart, imagination, intuition and individual spirit? I believe that there is an art to working with goals. I have created a way to integrate the savvy of the SMART goals with the internal powers of the individual by using SPIRITED as my acronym for goal setting.

Working with SPIRITED goals helps us to go beyond the basic SMART goal by challenging us to integrate all of our creative forces. The word “Spirited” implies both determination and energetic enthusiasm.

Next time you set a goal, try using the acronym SPIRITED to write out a goal that that is infused with passion and creative energy.

Answer all of the questions to create a statement of intention that makes you excited to lean into it:

Specific:  Is it clearly defined and measurable?
Passion-based:  Am I in love with this goal? Is this something that fills my heart with joy?
Intuitive:  How will I use my internal compass or inner wisdom in moving toward this goal?
Realistic:  Is this goal achievable and fit me as an individual?
Imaginative:  How will I engage my imagination?
Time-based:  What is my timeline for this goal? By when will I have it completed?
Expansive:  Does this goal move me toward my vision of success, joy or fulfillment?
Discovery-based:  Does this goal give me an opportunity to discover and learn new skills, provide personal growth and satisfy my curiosity?


For example, a spirited goal that I have recently set for myself looks like this:

I will create a series of 9 mixed media pieces by combining my favorite hand dyed silk, with found wood and manipulated copper metal on 6”x6” canvases inspired by my love of the gorgeous woods here in the Pacific Northwest, the sensual experience of the light, air, water and greenery as I explore the trails, the way my imagination plays with those elements and my curiosity about the ways that I can combine my silk fabric with wood and metal in new ways by January 1st, 2016. I honestly can’t wait to get into my studio to work on this!

When your heart, imagination, intuition and curiosity are included in your goal setting, you are not only setting yourself up for success, you are happily engaged in the creative journey. You are no longer gritting your teeth and pushing yourself in ways that you think you “should.” You can happily enjoy the process and feel fully alive while you are stretching yourself to become an artist with a unique expression.


I’d love to hear how this works for you!


Brecia Kralovic-Logan, published in “Silkworm” Summer 2015





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