The Landscapes of our Individuality

The Creative Journey: Individuality

The Landscapes of our Individuality


“Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all of the years that have passed there has never been another child like you… ” Pablo Picasso

Each of us truly is a marvel, a complex and wondrous being capable of amazing feats. We all have a distinctive way of interpreting and translating our life experiences, approaching our daily challenges and relating to our fellow beings and the world around us. Our unique inner landscape is formed by our attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. As creative artists, we can benefit from taking the time to explore what thoughts, attitudes and beliefs we are experiencing and practice nurturing those that support and energize us. When we pay close attention, we may find that over time, certain thoughts have evolved into stories that are limiting our creative potential. I call these “Minimizing Myths.”

Minimizing myths are the stories that we have told ourselves that keep us from stretching beyond our comfort zone. Everyone loves a good story. We hold onto the story of how we can’t do something, or that we haven’t got the right kind of (fill in the blank) to succeed. These minimizing myths are thoughts that we hold to be true but they are more opinion than fact. We begin to frame them as truth rather than seeing them as thoughts of criticism, judgment or self-doubt. When we examine these stories and allow ourselves to see through them we begin to create an inner environment of self-acceptance and love that reflects our uniqueness.

Here are some commonly held minimizing myths:

* I’m too old and it’s too late to begin being creative.

* I don’t have any talent.

* I always mess up.

In order to dispel a long held belief that does not serve us, try writing out an alternative story that feels empowering to replace the old story. Think of this as a reconstruction of your inner landscape. Not only do you want to excavate the beliefs that don’t serve you, you also want to build in a new view.

Here are some suggestions for writing a new story:

* Acknowledge the fear that you feel that has kept you believing in the minimizing myth.

* Journal about your feelings calling on your courageous and accepting heart.

* Write out a new story with you as the hero, claiming your power to create anything that you desire.

* Fill in the details of what that would look like. Where does this new story take place? What kind of visuals would you create to accompany your story? What kind of soundtrack? Would there be dance numbers? What kind? Write it all out in vivid color.

Actively addressing our inner beliefs and choosing to restructure our attitudes is an ongoing process. You are the storyteller. You get to live the story that you choose. Why not choose believing that you are a unique marvel?


Brecia Kralovic-Logan, published in “Silkworm” Spring 2016













BreciaKralovicLoganThe Landscapes of our Individuality

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