Ten tips for Textile Artists

Ten tips for Textile Artists Textiles are an essential part of all of our lives. Those who work with textiles enjoy an intimate understanding of the warp and weft, the pattern and design, the drape and weight of cloth and the beautiful metaphors that textiles offer us in our creative life. Whether you stitch, loop, weave, or paint, expressing your individual spirit through cloth can be a joyful and challenging endeavor. Remembering to start from your own heart , and developing tools for managing your time, space and materials will support your passion for the colors, textures and diversity of a life filled with textile art.   1) Start with your Spark Each one of us has a spirit or spark that is uniquely expressed only through us. That spark includes the sum total of our experiences, skills, strengths and challenges. Journal about what makes you unique. Write a statement that clearly defines why you make art and hang it somewhere you will be able to read it often.   2) Feed your Passion. Passion is fuel and we need to keep connected to our source if we are to continue to create. Notice what gives you tingles; what make … Read More

BreciaKralovicLoganTen tips for Textile Artists

Flight, Space and Light

Flight, Space and Light “I put it on and I feel transformed!” Sarah cooed when she wrapped up in one of the silk creations I call GloryUs Wrapture. I love creating wearable art work that captures the ethereal sense of weightlessness and wraps the wearer in a sense of glorious joy. I use a combination of my hand dyed silk fabrics and an off loom weaving technique to create the desired effect. Loosely weaving torn strips of fabric then stitching the pieces to secure it, allows for light and space to become a part of the finished wrap. Leaving ends trailing on either side gives the wrap a feathery look and allows the wearer to experience an effervescent feeling of flight. Creating textiles that are light and airy is made possible with the help of an amazing plastic that dissolves in water. I use the water soluble plastic as a base to stabilize assemblages of   fabric in order to stitch them together. I first encountered the magic of light weight water soluble plastic in a workshop given by Leslie Garber. She created fabulous wearable art garments using the plastic as a stabilizer. Although you can find several different types, I … Read More

BreciaKralovicLoganFlight, Space and Light

Dye, Cut, Knit

Dye, Cut, Knit Like peanut butter and chocolate, the combination of yarn and silk fabric strips creates a yummy sensory treat that is eye and hand candy for knitters. The colors and textures we wrap around our needles are what makes knitting so inviting, and expressing our creativity with our knitting is what makes it so satisfying. I teach workshops on Creative Knitting to encourage knitters to use alternative materials and methods to create one of a kind knit work. Being able to dye your own knitting materials in colors you love is especially exciting. As the founder and director of a fiber arts education program in the Santa Barbara schools I spent 10 years teaching fiber arts to children. I loved the way that kids could easily create with everything from recycled cardboard to abandoned cassette tapes. When I began refocusing on my own artwork, I supplemented my love for alternative materials with daily doses of silk. Once I developed a taste for working with silk, I was consumed with ideas for playing with this amazing fiber.   I ordered bolts of chiffon, habatoi and gauze   fabric in different weights from Dharma Trading Company. I began exploring Shibori dying techniques … Read More

BreciaKralovicLoganDye, Cut, Knit

Organizing Our Creative Stuff

The Creative Journey: Organization Organizing Our Creative Stuff   Order is the shape upon which beauty depends. – Pearl S. Buck When we moved to Washington from California about a year and a half ago, most of my boxes containing my art supplies were stacked up in the garage. When I finally organized the space in the basement to create a studio where I could work, I was anxious to revisit all of the materials that I hadn’t seen since we moved. After a trip to Costco to buy 2 new large metal baker’s racks with wheels, I was ready to tackle the job of organizing. My husband did the heavy lifting and I spent hours poking around in boxes and reacquainting myself with the crazy array of stuff that had past the test and was deemed worthy of being moved from one state to another. I spent hours sifting through fabric, thread, yarn, metal, shells, beads, papers, reed, vines, stamps, stencils, paints, felting supplies, toys, photos, books, DVD’s and more. By the end of the day, each box was readily accessible, stacked neatly on shelves and had been lovingly inventoried by me. I was a happy camper! Summer is … Read More

BreciaKralovicLoganOrganizing Our Creative Stuff