Creative Vision Boards

How Can we access our Winter energy to guide us toward our spirited goals and authentic actions? Creating a vision board is one way that we can use our intuitive powers as a guide for creating authentic change. There are many different ways to approach this exercise. Here is my favorite way to use the Vision Board: * Gather a variety of old  magazines * Have a large piece of poster board, scissors and glue ready * Take a deep breath to center yourself and invite your intuitive wisdom to come forward. * Enjoy perusing the images in the magazines and notice whenever an image resonates with you. Cut out any and all images that make you smile, that you see and like, or that seem to be calling to you. Notice that you didn’t write out specific goals and then hunt for pictures to illustrate them.  That is perfectly okay- and I do recommend doing that- but for this board we are doing deep listening. * Assemble the images on the board in a way that pleases you You may find that there are images on the board that you aren’t sure why you chose them. These can be … Read More

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