The Spiral of Creativity

The Spiral of Creativity

Mastering the Art of a Spirited Life

The Spiral of Creativity by Brecia Kralovic Logan

Tap Into Your Creative Power

Our creativity is a power source waiting to be claimed, tapped and infused into our everyday life. Yet many of us are not sure how to connect the dots of who we are, with what we do, in order to find fulfillment, create success and feel the joy that we desire. Our current technological culture overwhelms us with information, dulling our trust in our senses, and our own experiences. It’s time to refocus our attention on the power of our imagination, intuition and innate, inner wisdom. Are you ready to step onto the path to reconnecting your body, mind, heart and spirit?

Using the powerful, ancient, symbol of the spiral, Brecia Kralovic-Logan coaches you through five essential elements for discovering your own creative resources, vast intuitive powers, and individual spirit. Follow the path of the Creative SPIRAL inward to explore your Spirited, Passionate, Intuitive, Real, Authentic, Life choices. Hands-on art activities, writing exercises, guided imagery, and spiral meditations help you to explore your unique strengths and challenges so that you can confidently expand into your true, dynamic, spirited, creative life.

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Acclaim for The Spiral of Creativity

One of the enduring metaphors of the American experience is the upward spiral of progress. One of the enduring metaphors of the human experience is the spiral of creativity. Join Brecia Kralovic-Logan in The Spiral of Creativity as she teaches you how to increase and sustain your creativity and live a truly spirited creative life!Eric Maisel, author of Coaching the Artist Within, Fearless Creating and Secrets of a Creativity Coach
In The Spiral of Creativity, Brecia, the masterful artist that she is, has designed a series of creative adventures for your spirit to spark your inner creative expression and expand you as a person. It is a treasure chest of activities written by a prolific and successful creative woman So clear off your workspace and let Brecia guide you deeper into your creative brilliance.Gail McMeekin, author of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women
I feel such gratitude for having met you, and experienced firsthand the gentle, profound depth of your wisdom, your compassionate & graceful teaching ability….your ‘Art-Fullness’.Sedona Vigliotta
Because you lit my fire, this has been the most wonderful and fulfilling time of my life.…I have come into my creative female energy.Karen Luckett
Participating in the Creative Fire Circle coaching group with Brecia was one of the kindest and most self-supporting things I did for myself during this past year of great change and transition in my life.Susannah Kaye

Meet Brecia

Brecia Kralovic-Logan is a passionate champion of creativity who has spent the last 30 years helping people of all ages to embrace and express their unique individuality. Certified as a creativity coach, she helps her clients access their inner knowing, embrace their passions, and expand into their creative vision of joy and fulfillment. Her zeal for color, texture, and movement has driven her own life as an artist and taken her from New York, to London, to Kyoto exploring various facets of the art world.

Applying her studies of Depth Psychology to her work as an arts educator, Kralovic-Logan teaches and lectures at international conferences, museums, colleges, and for arts organizations. She is the owner of pebble in the pond art studio in Santa Barbara, where she offers her national coaching services, writes, teaches and creates her award winning art.

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Brecia will be posting various resources here that you can use to complete the exercises in The Spiral of Creativity. If you would like to receive updates about these resources, please send Brecia an email using the contact form provided here.


Download the Spiral Activity Sheet

Here is the audio guided imagery to accompany the Shine On exercise in Chapter One: Journaling our Wholeness:

Contact Brecia

I would love to meet with your group to share The Spiral of Creativity or lead a Creative Spiral Discovery Workshop. I teach all kinds of workshops focused on supporting your creative explorations and expression. I also offer Creative Fire Circle and Creative Vision Circle group coaching by teleconference and in person. I would love to hear from you!

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